The Problem Statement:

According to a systematic literature review:


Final-year medical students lack the necessary skills to prescribe safely and efficiently.

Medical students lack one-to-one interaction with patients.

As a result, they are unable to make their own decisions regarding patients. By providing realistic virtual patient encounters, students can actively engage in decision-making processes and experience the consequences of their choices.

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Medical school vs reality

Between what is taught in textbooks and what students experience in clinical settings, there is a huge difference. Virtual patient simulation effectively complements textbook knowledge and enhances the transition to real-world clinical practice.

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Insufficient exposure to patients

Lack of continuity in the learning process

The education system faces challenges in providing personalized feedback to medical students and continuity in their learning journey, as they rotate through different clinical units. A lack of exposure to rare medical cases during clinical rotations also leaves students unprepared for real-life situations. A virtual patient simulation platform can address these gaps by enhancing feedback delivery, ensuring continuity in learning, and providing exposure to diverse medical cases.

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Our Solutions:

The Solutions Offered to Medical Students:

Explore and interact with virtual patients on a one-to-one basis, and begin investigating the full continuum of treatment throughout the entire process.

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Curans Is All What You Need

Your Virtual Patient Simulator.

Curans, a virtual patient simulation provides medical students the opportunity to practice the entire diagnostic process, including history-taking, physical examinations, ordering tests, until they reach accurate diagnoses.

Engaging Virtual Patients:

You can assess the accuracy of their diagnoses, identifying both correct and incorrect assessments

Obtain A Valuable Feedback

You recognize and rectify any mistakes made during the diagnostic journey.

Refine Your Diagnostic Skills

Understanding the intricacies of patient evaluation, and enhancing your clinical decision-making abilities.

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Boost Your Diagnostic Skills

What we offer? πŸ’‘

This platform, which aims to train medical students on virtual patients and deal with them in all respects; In terms of taking the medical history, making clinical decisions and ordering tests until medical student reaches the final diagnosis and treatment, and then our algorithm evaluates all these steps.

Case Studies Alive!

Learning Medicine Driven by Passion. ✏️

Provides a comprehensive explanation to the medical student, highlighting the incorrect procedures they did and its specific reasons, thereby enabling the prevention of such errors in the future.

Which is equivalent to raising the expertise of doctors, reducing the percentage of errors that occur as a result of treating the patient for the first time.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Reducing Malpractice Claims

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Our platform allows students to interact with simulations of patients in a variety of scenarios, which can help them to better understand and retain the information they are learning.

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No Credit Card Required. Learn integrated medicine & reduce the risk of malpractice claims and focus on patient safety. Supported by real-time feedback with rationales.

Now, You Can Enjoy Medicine!

Virtual patient simulation plays a vital role in medical education, providing invaluable practice opportunities and fostering advanced clinical expertise in students.

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Virtual Patient Simulator - perfect for those on the go ⚑

Learn more efficiently and effectively using our platform, and boost your motivation while reducing the stress caused by all those textbooks.
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Our Solutions to Universities:

The Solutions Offered to Universities:

Providing students with a chance to obtain clinical expertise by bridging the gap between the delivery of theoretical knowledge and practical learning in medicine.

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Assisting Medical Students To Become

Practice with virtual patients and see the changes instantly.

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